The importance of “work life balance”

Life as a mother of two children has barely begun, and yet I find myself thinking about returning to work in a matter of weeks, so as you can imagine my thought life has circled around the holy grail of ‘work life balance’ being that incredibly together mum to two girls, a wife and of course the reliable all singing all dancing employee.

I am excited to return to the office, to have my own handbag, enjoy a hot cup of tea and of course my own privacy – yet the mum guilt in the pit of my stomach is a bittersweet pill to swallow.

Don’t get me wrong. I love being a mum, and my daughters are one of my biggest motivators in life. But, the thing is I am more than just my children and identify as more than just a mum. Being part of acs recruitment and my job is an important part of my identity and I view my job and my team as my second family.

Many questions cross my mind, is this guilt normal – will it pass? Is it ok that I feel happy to be returning to work? what happens if they get chicken pox? Who will have them in the summer holidays…

There is a lot to be said for working mums and those employers that support and accommodate where they can.

What I have found to be the foundation of being successful in wearing two hats, is the fundamental support of my boss, husband and flexible working.

I think we have all been there when we have had to make that call when we are sick and the feeling of dread washes over you – chuck a kid into the mix and you really could end up with one very anxious mum

Personally, I think that flexible working is the key. I understand that not all businesses can accommodate this but I think that where they can they would not only open up their talent pool to a wider audience but they would almost invite ‘mums’ into the working arena.

Allowing them to manage mum guilt, keep their hand in the work place, their skills up to date – whilst maintaining self-confidence, and almost beat the dreaded childcare costs with those crucial free hours that are offered out when your child hits preschool!

Flexible working is a huge benefit for me, it makes me want to work harder in the time that I am in the office, to feel ok when I walk out the door to collect my sick child or attend their nativity play, it allows me to take a breather for a few hours, enjoy my family and then log back on – I appreciate that my employer values me and my family time, alongside the bottom line and company targets.

So that brings me back to ‘work life balance’, everyone has their own interpretation as to what that looks like, their own ideas about what will work and what won’t, me - I think the availability to work flexibly is essential to a working mum’s ‘work life balance’.

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