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5 tips to avoid stress when looking for a new job

Stressed when looking for a new job

At ACS Recruitment we know how stressful finding your next job can be. That's why we’ve come up with tips to help you along the way.

At ACS Recruitment we know how stressful finding your next job can be. That's why we’ve come up with tips to help you along the way.

  • 1. Planning
    Create a long-term plan for your search, recognising that it may take several days, weeks or months to land your perfect role.
    Once you’ve set a goal for a reasonable period of time in which to obtain a position, estimate how many contacts, and interviews you may need to generate during this time to achieve your goal of at least one job offer. At this point we would encourage you to engage with a good recruitment agency to assist you in attaining a new position and speed up the process of multiple job offers.
  • 2. Persistence
    Stick with it.
    Don’t enthusiastically start the search by sending out a lot of resumes but then slow down due to lack of response. Remain consistent in your efforts to build contacts, pursue opportunities, and bring your best self to interviews.
  • 3. Perspective
    Be realistic.
    Statistics are on your side (even an unemployment rate of 6% means that 94% of eligible workers are employed). The unemployment rate is declining and, if you are reading this, you are likely a determined, focused job seeker. Believe in yourself and keep in mind that success favours the prepared job candidate.
  • 4. Positivity
    You’ve heard it a thousand times, but viewing your efforts from a positive perspective really makes a difference.
    Instead of criticising yourself about a less-than-successful interview or a quiet week with respect to resume responses, encourage yourself with specific, positive feedback from mock interviews with friends.
  • 5. Physical Attentiveness
    How many of us let our bodies go during the job search process?
    It’s critical to get enough sleep and to eat right during this time, including getting exercise (even going out for walks) and making time to treat our bodies well. Taking care of ourselves helps to relieve the tension that inherently accompanies the job search process. If we neglect our health, we are just adding to the stress we already feel.

Hannah Hewitt
May 3, 2022
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