An end-to-end solution

19th May 2016

It’s always a big decision to recruit a new member of staff – whatever the size of the company and whatever the role that needs to be filled – so expert advice is invaluable in getting the right person for the job.

ACS Recruitment specialises in understanding clients’ requirements so that only the most suitable candidates are put forward for consideration, so providing a recruitment solution that saves time, is cost-effective and, most importantly, delivers the right results.

Hellie Baxter, Managing Director of ACS Recruitment, said: “We can go into any organisation and meet their recruitment needs, whether that is for a temporary worker in a warehouse, right up to someone at senior manager level.

“Since ACS Recruitment acquired Starting Off, we have moved closer to our goal of an end-to-end solution, adding expertise in finding and recruiting apprentices to our portfolio.”

This provides clients with a complete range of options, as well as the advice and guidance that they so often need when filling a vacancy.

“Sometimes a client might come to us looking for an apprentice and our advice might be that, having looked at the role, it’s not suitable for an apprentice and needs someone with a little more experience,” said Hellie. “The reverse might also be true, where we identify a role that could be carried out by an apprentice where the client hadn’t considered that route.

“Speaking to a recruitment consultant that is committed to getting it right, and committed to providing a quality service means you can ensure you have the right people on board.

“Similarly, our approach to candidates is to treat them with respect and consideration, whether they are looking for a permanent career move, or one of our temporary workers, we make sure they get a great experience and are treated in the same manner as we treat our clients.”

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