Do you need some support through your peak?

All Things Business - July 2017

I’m going to do it and say the dreaded word “Peak” - there it is, “Peak, Peak, Peak.” The period of time recruitment agencies live and die by, yet the second it starts they long for it to be over. Sorry, for those of you not in the recruitment world this is the busy period in which companies require additional staff, often em-ployed on a temporary basis. These times can be driven by sales such as “Black Friday” or sometimes by seasons depending on the products or services being supplied.

Sounds simple right, get busy and go get more staff... wrong! The thing about these peak periods is that everybody's all tend to come at once, just to keep you on your toes of course. Yes, I know. We’re always hearing everybody saying they're looking for a job or need work, it must be easy right?

Well, when we say companies need staff we don’t just mean two or three, we mean they will double or maybe even triple their workforce. They could go from 70 to 200, or perhaps from 600 to 900. We’re talking about a serious amount of people that are required quickly and sometimes with very specific skill requirements, for example a forklift driver with a certain type of valid license.

Now, there are a few ways of managing this. Companies can try and take care of it themselves; probably the least used due to the amount of manpower required to keep on top of it, plus you need to continually maintain a huge database of potential workers.

The most popular way is to use multiple recruitment agencies. Having lots of people looking to get you staff sounds the most logical way of solving it, right? Well, you would think so. Yes, getting the staff is the name of the game but I neglected to mention that it’s imperative that the new recruits fit the company's specific requirements and will fit within the culture of the organisation.

This is when a multiple agency strategy can be a headache. If you don’t have complete trust in the agency to provide you with the right people at the right time, you need to stay heavily involved. You can’t risk bad apples coming into your business or having staff that may not even turn up. This means, in fact, you’re having to manage multiple recruitment companies working in differents ways and at different standards - nightmare!

At ACS Recruitment we have a solution, our onsite recruitment service. A hassle free recruitment offering that has been tried and tested. You hand over your recruitment concerns and headaches for us to manage, providing us with your specific requirements and we deliver them for you, on time, every time. All you have to do is manage one partnership and check we are working towards our agreed KPI’s.

So, we’re not saying that we have a magic wand and don’t experience the same labour or skill shortage challenges at these busy times. What we do have though are extensive systems, databases and experience to be in an advantageous position to deal with them. We have partnerships if required with other strategically aligned agencies that we can use where there is a high demand. The great news for our clients is that we manage these and ensure the absolute same high standards that we provide.

If you want confidence that your business will have the right staff in place for this year’s peak, please contact Chris Wright to discuss a strategic partnership. Call 01604 704058 or email


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