Why recruiting in December is the best resolution for your business

As the year draws to a close, it is often the time for the greatest self-analysis. Commercially savvy businesses should prepare for this inevitable feeling of change in candidate’s minds and start to think about their employment opportunities in 2019.

After a busy 2018, many of your competitors will be looking forward to the end of the year with delight and will not be thinking about recruitment as a priority meaning that those who focus efforts in December will have the pick of the top talent. From our experience, locking in the best candidates to interview in the last month will keep you ahead of curve and potentially stop them from speaking with your competition in January 2019.

Recruitment does not stop in December and our industry doesn’t sleep and we are already being approached by candidates looking to make their move starting in the new year!

So why wait to act? The new year is when we see the largest spike in job changes and the highest calibre candidates will be preparing for career changes in advance. We suggest you market yourself to candidates before January arrives as the best talent may well be gone if you wait until the new year!

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