5 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement and Retention

Has your business noticed a high staff turnover recently? If you’ve got a fair few employees up and leaving, it’s time to look at ways to improve employee retention. The first place to start is engagement. Employee engagement and retention go hand in hand; if your employees are engaged, they’re more likely to stay.

No business wants to lose employees. Think: if one of your employees won the lottery today, would they come back to work or would they jump at the opportunity of leaving? If it’s the latter, it’s time to work on your employee engagement.

Why Is Employee Engagement Important?

Employee engagement is very important for a number of reasons. But firstly, as we said above, employee engagement and retention go hand in hand. If you want to retain your employees and lower your staff turnover, employee engagement is the key.

Engagement gives employees a passion and energy for their work; it gives them a reason to wake up in the morning. This passion and energy contributes to their productivity, and increased productivity should hopefully result in increased profits for your business.

Improving Employee Engagement And Retention

1. Set Goals

Goal setting is a perfect way to get your employees engaged; offer development opportunities. It gives them a purpose and something to work towards, making them excited to see where their career can go with your business.

2. Make Work Fun

A fun workplace is an engaging workplace. Get your employees involved in fun team building activities in or outside of the office. Have a team breakfast or lunch one day of the week. Or simply create an area of the office for a chill out zone.

3. Recruit The Right People

A good place to start for employee retention is employing people that are genuinely right for the role. However, it’s not just about someone with the skills for the role, it’s someone that fits the culture of your business to keep your other employees engaged.

4. Choose The Right Leaders

Similarly to the point above, you should also choose the right leaders. Your team leaders should be inspiring and motivate their colleagues. No-one is going to be engaged by a dull or arrogant leader.

5. Reward Employees

Has one of your employees done something that’s really stood out? Reward them! Give employees an incentive to work hard such as employee of the month. Alternatively, find a perks scheme to offer your employees.

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