Introducing our Executive Search service

Doing something to a high standard has always been at the core of everything we do at ACS Recruitment. That’s why when we agreed to launch our ACS Executive Search service, we knew we had to introduce the right person to the team.

So that’s where Yana comes in, not only a proven recruiter that has worked in London for well known corporates, but somebody that has held an internal recruiter role within them. Meaning she comes with a firsthand insight into your internal recruitment requirements and the pressures and challenges you face.

ACS Executive Search will be the team that deals with your roles that come with a circa £50,000 salary, these will often be senior roles or positions that require a very specific skillset. These recruits are ones that you can’t get wrong, often imperative to the smooth running or growth of your business.

So what should you expect from your executive search consultant at ACS, they will always act as an ambassador for your business, adding value and promoting your employer brand. They will ensure they understand your organisation's mission, vision and values. The result is a partnership with somebody that totally understands what you are looking for and finds you perfectly matched candidates to your requirements.

We would visit you to get a feel for your company's culture, a tour of the business would be great and to be introduced to the team would be really helpful. We want to understand your products and services, get an understanding of your client base and the priorities within the business. One of the most popular questions recruiters get is “What are they like to work for?”, we need to answer this honestly and precisely.

These are not going to be quick and easy roles to fill, lots of research and preparation goes into achieving the result. Your consultant will manage the whole process for you, all communications, feedback and even salary negotiations should you require.

If you feel that you would like to explore if this service would work for your business, please contact Yana on 01536 532820 or email


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